Being in love is easy but maintaining is equally tough for the female as well its male counterpart. No relationship is free from ups and downs, fights and tension. Whether you are dating a guy or you are already married, women tend to commit certain mistakes which make their relationship difficult.

These are the certain recommendation women may take up to have a smooth relationship and keep their partner happy.

  1. Value yourself and stop giving too much: To make relationship successful and smooth, both the partners have to sacrifice his/her emotions, feelings etc. But that giving up should be limited to the extent that you do not give up your values and needs to your partner. If the partner is abusive whether physically, mentally or verbally and underestimates you do not give him the chance to escape easily. Instead give him a warning saying this is not good on his part and if situation demands break up because you cannot give up your values for the relationship. People get committed to support and motivate each other but when it hampers you it is time to take good care of it.
  2. Your partner is not your only priority: Women often give their boyfriend or husband so much attention that they themselves get somewhere lost. In the process they lose their identity and even lose their social circle. While giving priority to their partners, they become over possessive and make themselves always available to their male counterpart which sometimes becomes annoying for the guy the other side. Women most of the do not stay in tour with their friend circle after being committed but the guys are totally opposite, they know how to maintain their social along keeping their partner as priority.
  3. Do not always be available: Stop giving all your time to your partner. Ladies should try to take out some time for themselves. The age old phrase ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ is very true in the sense your partner should know the importance of your presence in your absence.
  4. Apart caring about your partner, look after yourself also: Sweat it out in gym or in other exercises which will keep you fit and healthy. This will also make you look young and beautiful as look is an important factor in a relationship. Do not give your guy to say that you have become fat or lazy.
  5. Do not let go things every time: Every mistake is given a second chance. A simple apology by partner is all needed to let go off thing. But if the mistakes are committed repeatedly and started annoying you, its time you should start giving warning about your dismay. If the situation demands seek help from family or friends but do not let go off things easily.
  6. Keep your identity in your priority roll: Do not known by your partner’s identity instead try to build up your own identity. Take time out for yourself and get yourself indulge in things you like to do- be it a hobby or something you are good at.
  7. Transparency should be kept to a limit: This is another big mistake that both men and women often make in relationships. Trust is an important component of most relationships. So do not lie but you should not be fully transparent to your partner. There are things which your husband or boyfriend do not know. Moreover, he should not be the only person whom you share your secret things with.
  8. You should be financially supportive too: Believe it or not money is the source of happiness for all. Until and unless you are financially sound your relationship tends to go smooth, as soon as the economic hardship pokes arguments are common among the best couples also. Therefore, you should also be financially independent though in our society we look upon the male counterpart to support in money terms. However, to avoid monetary conflicts both should be earning.
  9. Do not depend on you guy completely for emotional support: However, after being committed you spouse or boyfriend becomes your priority to support you in all sense- emotionally too. But, it is advisable that do not always bother your guy for emotional support. So build up more relationship apart from your spouse or boyfriend be it family, friend or relative.
  10. Do not blindly trust your partner: Trust is the base of any relationship. But, do not completely trust your partner to which he can take advantage of. Remain alert for any change in your partner and communicate the problem off if any such problem actually disrupts.