Placing of a Buddha idol in house is not that easy to figure it out than you think. The idols of Buddha include various postures and these postures include positivity too. According to Vastu, the right direction of Buddha inside house at work place will bring positivity to you. So, let’s get start.

  1. Laughing Buddha: If we follow the history of Laughing Buddha statue, this is not the same as Gautam Buddha. He is a Chinese monk who was a patron saint of children, as like Santa Clause. This statue represents a beacon of positivity and prosperity.

          Position: East is the lucky direction for a home and where the adorable idol should be placed.

  1. Meditating Buddha: This posture represents the peaceful mind of owns. You can see in picture 2, Buddha is sitting with his legs fold, face up and hands are lying on the lap. You also can see Buddha’s eyes are fully or partially closed as he is in deep meditation. According to Vastu, meditating Buddha will help to create an aura of serenity.

          Position: This idol can be placed at any corner of the house.

  1. Praying Buddha: you can see praying Buddha with folded hands which represents devotion and faith. As per Vastu Sastra, the idol helps to spread positivity inside the house.

          Position: you can place the statue inside your puja hall by lit a lamp or candle around it.  Remember; don’t put the idol below the eye level. This thing is considered disrespectful on the great spiritual monk.

  1. Reclining Buddha: Nirvana represents freedom. Nirvana Buddha’s idol depicts the last moment of his mortal life before he achieved freedom from the recycle of rebirth. This idol meant to be an encouragement to people for seeking internal harmony.

          Position: This form of Buddha must always face west direction. This is because Buddha lay to face death and was reclining towards right with head supported by his hand.

  1. Blessing Buddha: This idol of Buddha seated with one hand raised in blessing gesture and other hand lying on his lap. This has two meaning. The raised hand in blessing gesture acts as a shield to keep out negativity and danger where the other hand represent to overcome fear to be at peace with oneself.

          Position: The blessing Buddha should be placed facing the main entrance of the home to remove negativity from home.