As you can say selection of a plot for yourself is a very difficult task. Make sure that a good plot with a good direction and place brings prosperity, wealth and good fortune to you. According to Vastu Sastra here we are sharing some tips for the selection of plots. Just have a look:

  1. Direction of the plot: While you are on a plan to purchase a plot, always prefer the North-facing direction. You also can choose East and West facing plots. Keep it in mind hat to avoid the south facing plots as it brings negativity to the house. The plots bordered by roads from all directions are considered fabulous for commercial constructions. But it’s not good idea for residential purpose.
  2. Shape and size: The shape and size of the plot also matter while you are choosing plot. An ideal shape for residential plot is square or rectangular which are narrower at the entrance and wider at its rear. Always do avoid round, oval, rectangular and L-shaped plots. Square and rectangular shapes are the auspicious and always ensure as to gain prosperity.
  3. Uniformity of the plot: A flat and land should be preferred for residential purpose. If there are slants then plots with North-East and South-West slopes should be considered as they are propitious.
  4. Location: according to Vastu Sastra the location of the plot should avoid obstructions like bridge, electric pole, building and hills which block the sunlight to pass into your home. Anything in the west and south side impedes entry of negative energies.
  5. Greenery in the surrounding: Plants and trees are always carried numerous benefits for us. It always brings good fortune, luck and happiness. While you are consider a garden for your plot this makes a house a happy place to live. A plot surrounded by greenery is considered as good investment which rids all the negativity from the plot and make the place positive and blissful.