An individual’s career is always an asset of its own and in order to make it successful they cross all limits. But many a times the effort goes in vain making them perceive that “destiny has its own plan”. Well! The fact cannot be denied, instead methods suggested by Vastu Shatra can be applied, because it’s said that Vastu Shastra is the “ultimate solution of one’s problem”.

  1. Never sit under a beam: According to Vastu, try to avoid sitting under a beam as it attracts unnecessary pressure and makes the vision unclear.
  2. Avoid metal or plastic furniture: Don’t use metal or plastic furniture as they are noisy and shaky. It leaves a bad influence and lack of support.
  3. 3.Never sit crossed leg: As sitting cross-legged in the office creates bad status for an exemplary career growth.
  4. 4.Sleeping with head towards East: East is the best direction for sleeping. Lying down with head towards the east increases memory power, concentration and also good health. Students, scholars, teachers, author and even people doing job should sleep with their head towards the east.
  5. A wall for support: Make sure in your office or workplace, you must have a wall at the back to support. If this thing is not possible then hanging a poster or painting of mountains is considered as good. Because it signifies support and strengthens with time.
  6. 6.Avoid sharp edged or pointed furniture: A sharp-edged furniture, open shelves and vertical blinds all together do not create a good environment according Vastu. Place plants in the office, which will soften the sharp edges of the furniture by absorbing their negative energies.