It’s natural that kids always love to get involved in variety of activities and are not concerned about their studies. Sometimes they neglect studies playfully but also some negative vibes may create a hurdle in their growing process by distracting them from their duties. As they spend most of the time inside their room it’s important to pay attention to the Vastu of the room. So follow the steps:


  1. Change the direction of Study rooms: According to Vastu, a study room must be in the east, north or the North-East direction of the house. This side improves the observing power and increase the knowledge as well. Always a positive vibes can be filled by the kids.
  2. Avoid putting mirror in front of the bed: Mirrors in front of the bed could lead to a lack of sleep and hypertension which result in insomnia. This depletes personal energy and creates sleeplessness. The bed must place in the west or southwest corner of the room for good fortune.
  3. Light in the study room: Keep it in mind that the children’s study room should be bright and well nit and clean. Sunlight or natural light is a must while studying. Ensure that the shadow of the child is not falling on books while he/she studying.
  4. Sit your child in the East direction during study: While studying, teach your children to sit in the East side to improve concentration. Don’t put any obstacles like pillars, sharp point edges of furniture, open slaves etc on that side.
  5. Use of study lamp at night: A study lamp in the study room energizes luck in education and improves focus and concentration on studies.
  6. Decor the room: to put inspiration to the child study, hang some beautiful pictures which include inspirational quotes, the pictures of galloping horse, and a rising Sun image on the wall. Avoid hanging pictures that depict violence or sorrow.