It does make a big difference from just only saying oneself  “proud to be a girl” than when  “roaring loud like a lioness against injustice towards the women”. Women from time immemorial have been quoted as Shakti (power), Prakruti (nature), Dhara (earth and water) and Sanskruti (culture & tradition) but the soiled fact is born to satisfy others pleasure, helpless, lacks arm power and out of all burden & curse for family.

Oct 11, is celebrated as International Day of the Girl Child, highlighting girls’ needs and the particular problems they can face, and drive efforts that meet these needs and fulfil their rights – not benevolently for them, but in partnership with them.

The 2020 theme of International Day of the Girl is “My voice, our equal future,” explains empower girls to be the change-makers in this co-existing shrewd society and construct a more dignified place for the women where the “sun never sets.”

Talking on this Nirupama Biswal , President, Gayatri Furniture & Foods said, taking up pledge to be a change-maker in journey of better future for women , my soul stands firm for  “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”, I definitely can see a big change in the position of women. When I wanted to stay as a homemaker, I happily did it. Now after 15 years of married life, when I am dreaming high to follow my passion and be more financially independent, living to it too with full cheer and confidence . So it’s more about the independence to decide, to make choices. Women have started making choices for themselves.

Right now more than gender equality, I think there is a new issue that’s coming up and that is working Women vs. Homemakers which as a changemaker I definitely like to put light on. Lately, more often I am finding a lot of working women these days who instead of trying to empower other women; let them down. Please let them decide and make choices. “The history of free women is never really written by chance but choice, their choice! ,“said .

Swati Sonali Jena, tutor says, I chose “RIGHT EDUCATION TO SONS”, As a teacher by profession and mother of twin sons , the first step as a change-maker , contributing towards women empowerment is to educate my sons and students about the respect and dignity of women in the society from very early age. This is my duty as a mentor and teacher to influence my kids in a positive and change their mindset towards women they ever meet in life. They should treat them with utmost respect and polite way. Also, would like to convey a message to every parent of girl child that always have faith on her ability, boost her emotional and physical strength. Moreover, support them as a strong pillar in all the time and light up even the hidden darkest corners of their life.

Adding to this, Debamitra Mishra, journalist said, “ CHIN UP & SAY YES TO SELF” , We are living in 2020, where every woman is a changemaker. But one thing that lacks and is very important is getting the validation for what we do or what we are. We seek for other people’s opinions on how effortless we are; whereas what we should be doing is to seek that validation within us. Not everyone would love you, nor you would love everyone. So, the first step towards bringing a change is to accept your flaws and effort to win over it.

“As a girl, I want to raise question on the misogynist’s mindset of women towards women. Why things are labelled ‘otherwise’ if a girl or a woman thinks or does something out of the box? Just because her standards are different from others doesn’t mean she is wrong. Another most important thing is the term ‘society’. What is it? Who is society? What is its face? Life doesn’t run on the set of guidelines by neighbourhood aunt, the anti-social groups at tea stalls, the insecure colleague, or the so called relatives who poke in to your life every now and then. We need to understand the difference between compromise and exploitation and fight back. It’s alright to be known as rebel if you stand up and raise voice for yourself.

There are many positive examples of women empowerment. But who has forbidden us from our rights?

It is very much true that women in most of the families itself are the first ones to pull the other down.