Being a worker and to work among your colleague it’s a toughest part to maintain those relationships with them. We need to observe and to avoid such for a healthy environment at the workplace.


  1. Respect your colleagues: If you give respect then you gain respect. As like this, in your workplace if you give respect to your workers then they will notice you. Always control over your anger and mood swings during your work. This will help you to achieve respect ultimately.
  2. Effective communication with co-workers: A good communication with colleagues always put a benchmark on your personality. Be kind and positive at your work. If you have the energy to create open communication, this will enhance trust among employees.
  3. Get along with everyone: It’s a quite challenging factor. If you make differences, that may lead you down and also creates conflict at your work place. Thereby making ability for colleagues to get along an essential component of the office environment.
  4. Be kind: If you show kindness to your colleague then you will feel more socially connected. This behavior may change you at a physical level. Do provide your support for your co-workers when they are struggling. Always remember to avoid blaming others and forgive them.
  5. Avoid malicious gossips: Malicious gossips are major relationship killers at work. Rather than talking behind the back always try to speak frontier. Gossiping about the situation may drag you in a critical condition and you may become mistrusted among your colleagues.