Bhubaneswar: Turning into an inspiration , eight women group in town of Vadodara in Gujarat have jointly created an eight-year-old sari library. These women are friends of each other and they have created the library for the benefit of women from middle and lower middle class families.

As most women want to wear a beautiful sari while going to parties, functions, social events and going out. But since women have to wear it twice a year, many women remain silent on the issue of buying expensive sarees. The four girlfriends thought about the problem of women and started a sari library.

The eight-friend sari library has been in operation since 2020 at Malhar Point on Old Paro Road in Badodara.

While, you can deposit five hundred rupees and collect three saris at once. The library has more than 400 expensive sarees, including traditional costumes and seasonal and festive costumes. So you have to be a member of the library to get a sari. A refund of Rs 300 is required. Women who wear sarees are allowed to return their sarees at the same time as the washing time and laundry costs.

Its head, Hema Chauhan, said the idea for the library came from Kambali, who works at my house.She didn’t have a good sari when she had to go to an outdoor event. He took an sari of mine and went outside, and from there he recounted how everyone praised the sari. After seeing the happy face on her face, I no longer brought back the sari from her and planned to make such a library by bringing a sari from the upper income class to put a smile on the face of a low income woman.

The library now has a wide range of clothing such as kanjivaram, silk, banarasi, kotachek, siphon, georgette and the like lehenga, chunri.