It is a powerful spice with medicinal properties. A perfect one solution to all health problems keeping you fit all the year long.

Clotting disorders or blood clotting –   Generally we come across situations when our body lacks in protein content resulting into zero production of blood clot required to stop heavy flow of bleeding or create unnecessary blockages in the functioning of body parts. This is known as clotting disorders which can be easily cured without any medical help.

Just start consuming ginger in your regular diet. As they a rich in aspirin contents which is      also known as blood thinner will naturally lower the toxins present in blood cells.

Heart conditions– Healthy heart and happy mind is all one’s body requires for staying fit.  But unhealthy practices affect our heart adversely making it to function improperly.

As we know ginger avoids formation of bad fat, high blood pressure and prevents blood from clotting internally. So drinking ginger tea will clean toxins from body ensuring proper supply of oxygen to our heart.

Inflammation– The protective shield created by body for prevention from harmful diseases and getting infected from cuts and wounds is known as inflammation. But at the same time chronic inflammation can create problem by autoimmune disorder resulting into unhealthy immune system.

In such case chewing dry ginger in empty stomach acts best as it has anti inflammatory properties that control the production of inflammatory cells and stops unnecessary attacks of immune system on the tissues of our body.

Arthritis – It is all about breaking of cartilage tissue and autoimmune disorder by creating unnecessary inflammation around knee joints making your bones weak to carry your body weight and you can fill the pain while walking.

A massage of ginger oil on the swollen joints can give you relief from the pain because it functions as a COX-2 inhibitor.

Colic and Diarrhea – These diseases are more common among babies as they have delicate digestion system and consumption of food creating indigestion make them behave irritated and crying for long hours.

Ginger syrup acts well in controlling this problem among babies and also it’s the natural way of cleaning germs from their body calming up their upset stomach.

Colds and flu – The change in the weather condition due to seasons create moisture that gives birth to viruses attacking our immune system making us fall sick. Generally cold accompanies problem of sore throat and choked nose.

Ginger root contain gingerols that is perfect to work on allergies and gives relief from body pain due to cold.