Bhubaneswar: Puja, a class VI student, who was separated from her family when she was only five-years-old  in 2010 got united after seven long year’s with them after she had stumbled on  Puri Jagannath Temple picture’s on internet while she was  surfing the net for her school project based on ‘holy towns of India’

Puja’s story is quiet similar to Saroo Brierley, an Indian who was also separated from his family and had landed in a Calcutta Child home from where he was adopted by an Australian couple and after 21 years he traced back his roots to India through Google Earth map to unite with his biological mother.

But here unlike Saroo, Puja did not remember anything about her native place but only had sweet memories about her family members.

Puja was rescued by the Nellore police while sleeping at the Nellore rail way station in Andhra Pradesh. She was later taken to the Child Welfare Committee, Nellore after they fail to trace her family as she could barely give them any description at that time. The Committee later, admitted her to residential government school in Nellore.

Now, Puja a Class VI student in the Nellore school, had no idea that she school project might lead her to meet her estranged family who was alienated from her seven years back.

Puja had come across some pictures of Puri Jagannath Temple picture’s while she was surfing the net for her school project on holy towns of India.

Following which she told about it to her friends and teachers that she had visited many times with her parents.

After she told her about the past memories, the Nellore Child Welfare Committee immediately established a contact with their Puri counterparts to find out if there was any complaint regarding a missing girl recorded there.

The records showed Puja had gone missing on train in 2010 while she was returning with her parents from Tirupati.

Reportedly, Puja’s parents had lost their hopes after they lost their daughter and had never dreamt of meeting her again.

Her family the Khaudis, are natives of Nimapada in Puri district but had shifted to Jagatsinghpur town.

So, the Jagatsinghpur Child Welfare Committee was then contacted and was told to find the Khaudis.

And after the exchange of family photos and pictures and video calls between Puja and her family, they recognized each other.

This was finally preceded by the meeting of Puja with her family

Their reunion was emotional, as Puja hugged her parents and wept.

Her parents were also overwhelmed to see little girl, whom they thought they would never meet again.

“I would always pray to Lord Jagannath not to let me die without seeing my missing child. He finally listened to my prayers,” said Puja’s mother, Muni Khaudi.

Muni Khaudi with tears in her eyes thanked Lord Jagannath for helping her to see her daughter again.