Bhubaneswar: God sends His messenger to earth to help many in need is what is heard in grandma stories often.  A reality has come to the fore where a six-year-old girl, named Debishree, from Odisha turned into a little angel and saved the lives of three people by donating her organs to them.

Debishree, the little angel, a resident of Bhupati Sahi in Koraput’s Jeypore, was staying with her parents in Abu Dhabi. A year ago on July 1, 2019, she succumbed to an illness at the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Ironically, she remained undiagnosed during her year-long treatment. Seeing her gradual deterioration and chances of survival becoming less, the hospital administration urged her parents to go for the pious act of organ donation so that three other patients, who were struggling hard to live there life for a second time, could be saved.

Considering the proposal, the whole family drowned into deep sorrow but, mustering up courage, decided to donate Debasishree’s kidney, liver and pancreases, in case she dies. And finally, they did so after losing the loved one.

“We lost Debashree but we see her soul in three persons who have got a life for a second time, getting her organs transplanted in them. Our daughter will remain immortal,” said Debishree’s father Arun Kumar Tawa.

Further, Debishree’s grandfather P. Chandrasekhar Gupta said, “We are blessed that we see our grandchild smiling and alive in the three people in whom her organs have been transplanted. We are proud of her.