Bhubaneswar: In a shocking incident, the Odia girl Satabdi (co-founder of independent bookstore ‘Walking BookFairs’) accuses Facebook of stealing her idea and getting it featured in their advertisement without her consent.

Shatabdi, posts on her Facebook wall criticising and quoting that for last seven years I have been driving around India in my bookmobile covering upto 35,000 km and in this journey not a single day has been easy rather it has been full of struggles. I have been detained in police station for hours in the middle of jungles, faced rape and murder threats by goons of local politicians who own school and universities, gone hungry and thirsty without a place to sleep, almost gotten myself killed on the highway of India- all because I drive that bookmobile, taking books to people.”

“In all these years, not once have I come across anything the way you potray in your ad i.e., no people offering me tempos, no people who turn into magically into a bookmobile, no romantic pond side locations, absolutely nowhere you can park a bookmobile as you please and no people who just turn up into hundreds to read books, “said the co-founder of ‘Walking Bookfairs’.”

Further, the only thing that your ad reflects is how you stole my life’s work, erased all the struggles, glossed it over and has presented it, she added.