When someone started to build a house at that time he/she does consult with a Vastu Sashtra expert. But sometimes questions rose in mind about the depth of Vastu. Here are some questions raised where people always follow up to find answers. Here we go.

  1. North East direction is so auspicious for house. Why? 

Ans. According to science, the earth tilts 22½o. In early morning the sun is at its maximum distance from earth where only infra-red rays are able to reach the Earth. The light is beneficial for the human body. According to Vastu Sashtra, the North East corner of a structure receives energy. So, this position of the house should receive beneficial infra-red rays.

  1. The houses in front of a T-junctions are bad. Why?

Ans. According to Vastu Shastra, a house in front of a T-junction in the south west direction has put many bad impacts than the one facing North or East direction. From Vaidik period, the East and North directions have been remaining auspicious directions for human beings. The harsh energy due to the traffic on the road entering directly into the premises results in an unhealthy environment.

  1. Why it is necessary for everyone to adopt Vastu?

Ans. Vastu Sashtra provides a complete power of enhancing the problematic things in the homes and other residential works. This results to create a healthy environment and brings peace of mind to a person. Indirectly it puts a huge impact on overall persons of a house and a locality. The positive vibes will provide a great source towards environment. So, it’s necessary to adopt Vastu Sashtra to everyone.

  1. Vastu is based on which factors?

Ans. Vastu is the combination of Bio-energy force, Gravitational force, magnetic field of earth, solar energy, velocity of wind and cosmic radiation.

  1. Does Vastu only keep limits to Hindus?

Ans. No, the Vastu is completely based on the science of directions. The Vastu was written in the 5000 years back. The motive was to whosoever resides in a house would be benefited. In fact, many foreign countries also do believe in the term Vastu Sashtra. So, here the question of religion does not arise at all.

  1. What is the difference between ‘Vastu Shastra’ and ‘Feng Shui’? 

Ans. Feng shui is a Chinese term which is considered as a post-construction art while ‘Vastu Shastra’ is considered as a pre-construction science.

  1. Why corners are so important in Vastu?

Ans. The corners represent the blending of two cardinals directions which also represents any of the four elements of ‘Vastu’ that is North-East direction for water, South-East direction for Fire, South-West for Earth, and North-West for Air. That is why the corners are very important in Vastu.