While,  fasting for Navratri the main question that comes to mind is  what different mouth watering ‘Satwik Food’ dishes one should try  these days and which must be tasty as well  and  answer to that is Masala Dosa for Vrat, without doing fermentation, using sabudana & samakkechawal. This easy dosa recipe is stuffed with masala aloo, is cooked in an instant & served with green coconut chutney. Fasting doesn’t mean that you have to refrain  yourself from  your favorite foods.

This Navratri, try this delicious and healthy Sabudana dosa. Enjoy eating this snack all day.

Instant SabudanaDosa



For dosa batter

Sabudana (soaked for 4hrs) – 1 cup

Samakkechawal (soaked for 20 mins) – ½ cup

Curd – 2 tbsp

Sendhanamak – to taste

Sugar – a pinch

Water – ¼ cup

For filling

Oil – 3tbsp

Cumin – 1tsp

Ginger chopped – 2tsp

Green chilli chopped – 2tsp

Curry leaf – few sprigs

Potato boiled & mashed – 1½ cup

Sendhanamak – to taste

Pepper powder – a pinch

For chutney

Coconut grated fresh – 1 cup

Cumin – 1tsp

Curry leaf – few sprigs

Anardana powder – 1 tbsp

Mint Leaves – ¼ cup

Coriander leaves – ½ cup

Sendhanamak –

Green chilli chopped – 2tsp

Ginger chopped – 2 tsp

Water – ¼ cup


For the batter drain al the water from sabudana and samakchawal. Now mix all ingredients and blend them in a grinder. Add some water if required. Make a thick but pouring consistency batter and keep aside.

For the filling

Heat oil and add cumin, green chilli, ginger and stir. Add curry leaves and then add potato. Cook them for 3min with some salt and pepper powder. Add chopped coriander and remove aside.

For chutney

Add all ingredients with a dash of water and blend to a coarse paste. Remove and serve.

For dosa

Heat a non stick pan and pour the batter in the centre. Spread it using the back of a laddle. Let it cook, drizzle oil, add potato mixture and then fold the dosa.

Serve it hot with chutney.