Bhubaneswar: In a matter of pride, the Bichar Bharati Trust in capital city, which has been extending a helping hand to the needy, deprived of social, educational, health and legal assistance, has launched a program named Shree to raise awareness about the protection of women and children.

The main goal of the program is to raise awareness on education, health and safety of the young children and women living here by adopting various slums of the city.

Sandhyabati Pradhan, chairperson of the State Child Rights Protection Commission, inaugurated the logo of the program on Tuesday to mark Saraswati Day in the Panitanki slum area of ​​Chandrasekharpur and said that the state government is taking various measures for the development of children and women in health, education and safety but the initiative taken by Bichar Bharati is really commendable.

Beside, Mr. Asim Avitabh Das, Member of the State Human Rights Commission, was the Chief Guest at the event and said the social, educational and health protection of the children and women should be our top priority and all developmental works related to it should be done with highest efficiency as well as efforts need to be made at all levels.

Gracing the event as the guest of honor, Madhumita Das, a senior UNICEF official said , “ more emphasize should be given in creating awareness among the parents of the slum children as their parents needed to be more vigilant about the safety of children living in slum areas then only a better change in life of these children can be done.”

Namrata Chadha, chairperson of the Women’s Rights Campaign,  also joined as the guest of honor and said, the people living in the slum areas, especially the women who are uneducated, fail to raise their voices about their rights and they need widespread awareness.

While the guests provided education, health kits to 40 children.

Preeti Chandra Dhal, editor of the Bichar Bharati Trust informed that the program sole objective is to work for the development of slum children and women in health, education and safety. Make them aware about their rights and help them grow into a better and skilled human being.

Further, giving them scope for studying and proper health facilities as well as providing them  with safety training is our future goal and for the next two year the slum children of water tank area in chandrasekharpur have been adopted by the organisation, she added.