A child is like a tortoise opens up to rare, needs time to get familiar and perceives the world through its parent’s terms. Therefore it’s the duty of the parent’s to introduce them to all and teach them to cherish the love of the family.

  1. Parent-child relationship – Children at their age need a companion to share each of their activities. Remember you are their first friend. Mostly a child feels shy and afraid to share many things with you. So, teach your child to think you to be his best friend and open up with you without hesitating. Be a friend and guide both in such a way that they won’t feel alone.
  2. A relationship with siblings – Siblings always are best friends of each other. Seldom do they fight among each other or any topic. Teach your child the importance of family and its members as well as try to make them understand, how to behave with them.
  3. With family relationship – The children should be aware about a friendly relationship with family. Basically, present generation has learnt to be comfortable in nuclear family.   And feel irritated when guests come or never learn family values. You should teach them to create a warm, loving interaction for his/her grandparents and uncle, aunts in family. Teach your child to respect them. Take out time from the busy scheduled and groom your child to eat meals together. This is the best way for your child to learn values easily.
  4. Relationship with society – Society is a platform where children learn various things at their growing period. Do help your child to be a good human first. A socio-friendly relationship is needed where a child learns to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and for other people.