We choose colors of our house just to give an extraordinary look and to enhance the aesthetic beauty of our home. According to Vastu Sastra, the selection of colors also plays a vital role to maintain the stability of mind and body. This also stimulates the energy in the house. So, here we are providing some tips which you will feel the positive vibes in the space and the flow of feel-good energy all over.

  1. Living room: Living room is the first ever impression by a guest. Well, this room should be always represents welcoming as well as helps to boost the positive energy for others. When you are choosing colors for your living room, just pick blue, green, yellow colors. This will help you to bring good vibes to your home.
  2. Kitchen room: This is a place where goddess Laxmi is living. According to Vastu, Orange, white, green, yellow, pink, chocolate colors are the best to decorate the house with colors. You should avoid of using Black and grey colors.
  3. Dining room: Like the living room, dining space is the spot where family members stay together and have their breakfast, lunch, dinner also. As per Vastu, Green and pink and blue colors is the ideal colors for home which helps to bring prosperity, health and happiness.
  4. Study room: Vastu always suggests putting green, blue, lavender and light purple colors in the study room. These colors help to improve concentration on the studies of the children.
  5. Children’s room: Children room should always make bright and vibrant just to make a positive vibes on pupil’s mind. The colors like orange, pink, blue, green and lavender is the ideal colors for children room. You should avoid red and black in the room just to avoid negativity on them.
  6. Bed room: Especially for bedroom, you should color this in a way which will give you internal peace after entering to room. Vastu says, pink, blue, green, grey and purple with a light sheds helps to bring positivity in the house and makes you feel relax.
  7. Guest room: Guests are as equal to god. Their satisfaction is the prior duty of oneself. As you are preparing a guest room, you should give this room a royal treatment and make them feel welcomed. You should use yellow, orange, lavender, blue and green colors to the room for betterment.