Wedding represents a sacred bond between two souls and a very important celebration in one’s life. While selecting a mandap for marriage, do you know there also Vastu playing certain roles? If not, then read the following Vastu rules you should observe during choosing wedding mandap.


  1. Entrance hall: Entrance of the wedding hall is one of the important parts in the place. According to vastu sastra, the entrance hall should ideally place in East or in North direction. North-East direction is the sacred direction which one attracts positive energies.
  2. Mandap in North-East direction: According to Vastu Sastra, North-East direction is considered very auspicious. This direction named as Ishaan kon where the Hindu lagan mandap should placed. It should be planned in such a way that the couple must sit facing East direction.
  3. Lagan Mandap shape: A square shaped lagan mandap is considered the best of all shapes. According to Vastu, each shape represents a certain kind of energy which further carried out a fruitful effect on couple.
  4. The Fire pit mesurment: A sacred fir pit consisting of equal length, breath and height. It is also known as Havan Kund. If you find your Havan Kund is broken or uneven then that must not be acceptable for pujan purpose.
  5. Avoid circular wedding halls: Must keep in mind that the shape of the wedding hall either be a square or a rectangular shape. The decorative shapes are like circle, triangle, boat shaped, gondolas, parachute are not acceptable for marriage purpose.
  6. Vidayi direction: Here the direction also matter according to Vastu Sastra. Girl is an incarnation of Laxmi maa and she brings prosperity to one’s home. The Vidayi area must be in the south-west direction.