Vastu you can say a discipline for your house and for yourselves. The basic thing according to Vastu is to balance in the environment to make the house a home where you can find mental peace, good luck and prosperity. However, the magic can’t form overnight and could change gradually. Here are a few basic vastu tips that you can follow in the decor of the house to bring prosperity in life.


  1. Use solid woods for entrance door: A decorative entrance attracts wealth and prosperity to house. Always keep your entrance neat and clean. Use solid woods for your entrance door. Also avoid keeping shoe-rack or footwear near your entrance. Make sure to put name plate at the entrance.
  2. Decorate your entrance wall: keep it in mind, never leave blank space at the entrance of your wall. According to vastu, it represents negativity like loneliness at the first look. Always decor your wall with different colourful designs and also hang picture of the God on wall.
  3. Bedroom goals: Always arrange stuffs inside bedroom according to vastu. Keep your bedroom well lit and always let the fresh air to enter into the house. If the room is for couple, keep a single bed matters instead of two separate. This will bring togetherness.
  4. Painting is a good luck sign: according to vastu, scenic view of river, water, and gold fish on the wall brings positivity and good luck to house. Make sure that your home must get ample sunlight and fresh air.
  5. Aquarium as a good luck sign: aquarium attracts positive fortune and wealth to your house. According to vastu, the constant moment of fish will keep the flow of wealth. Always remember to keep the water neat and clean.