After reading this headline you might be thinking “Can a curtain be considered under Vastu Sastra”??? Yes, absolutely. A Vastu friendly curtain may bring prosperity to your house. So, here we go with few vastu tips according to curtains color which you will consider for your home decoration.


  1. Puja room: Puja room is a sacred place where people find peace over here. If you are placing curtain in Puja room then must keep in mind that the color should be yellow. This signifies illumination, light, intellect and higher mental activity.
  2. Bedroom: Bedrooms are meant for privacy and relaxation. Here curtain gives us privacy from outside for the room. According to vastu, deep red and black colors of curtains should avoid. Always use light colors curtains like White, Cream, Rosy Red, Pink and other light colors. These colors give relaxation and peace of mind.
  3. Living room: In living room, people usually spend more time by watching TV and doing other household stuffs than other rooms. So, as per vastu the most suitable colors are yellow, green and blue.
  4. Dining room: According to vastu, Green, pink and blue colors are best to use for dining room curtains. Green always symbolize of hope and gives healing, harmony and good atmosphere. Blue color depicts new beginning.
  5. Bathroom: Inside the bathroom if you need to hang curtains then we should use white, mixture of white and black, grey and pink. These colors you can use for your washroom.