Direction of Wall Clock as per Vastu SashtraWe love the tickling sound of the clock, even the designer clocks makes the home look attractive and beautiful making us feel good. But this happiness continues only when it’s hung on the wall at the correct position and direction.


  1. According to Vastu Shastra, a wall clock should be placed in the east, west or north direction. Hanging a clock on North is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. When you place it in east zone it brings good health.
  2. You should not place clock above any door. This represents the door that you enter and exit will bring you bad luck. It always creates obstacles in your ambitions.
  3. If you have any stopped clock inside your house, repair or replace it as soon as possible. The stopped clock meant to create negative vibes among your family.
  4. Make a note, if you have a wall clock inside your bedroom make sure that bed is not reflected in the clock’s glass.
  5. Avoid hanging clock in the south, south east or south west direction. These sides always bring mental illness and bad luck to your residence.