Bhubaneswar: Already hit financially (also mentally) by Covid-related crisis for the last five months, people of the State are now facing difficulties in making ends meet as prices of vegetables have skyrocketed.

In Bhubaneswar market, tubers such as potato and onion are selling at Rs 35 per kg and above. A fortnight back, prices of potato and onion were Rs 25 and  20, respectively.

While brinjal, a mostly-used vegetable after potato, is being sold at Rs 70 per kg, pointed gourd (Potala) sold at Rs 80 and beans at Rs 140 per kg. Pumpkin and arum, the two other commonly used vehicles, are being sold at Rs 30 and Rs 40 respectively. Drumstick and spine gourd are not available below Rs 80 and Rs 100, respectively.

Price of the tomato has touched an all-time high of Rs 70.

“High prices of vegetables have hit my kitchen hard. It has been difficult for me to manage a family of five members,” said a person belonging to a middle-class family.

Reports said prices of vegetables have increased because farming has been hit on thousands of acres of land due to recent floods and imports have been slowed.