The ‘Mo Bus’ service was launched in Bhubaneswar on November 8, 2016. Although the city bus was already operating in the capital, it was rebuilt. New buses were purchased and operated on new routes. A long-range master plan has been drawn up to change the transport system of Puri, Cuttack and Khordha, including Bhubaneswar. The plan was for the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA), Cuttack Development Authority (CDA) and the Puri Konark Development Authority (PKDA). In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “By 2020, 400 buses are scheduled to run in the area, while 1,200 buses are scheduled to run by 2025. But that’s just the way it is.

As per the ‘MO Bus ‘plan, by 2020 around 600 buses were supposed to run in the different vicinity but there are only 200 buses which are functioning. Of which two buses are running to Puri and two to Konark. Although there are buses to Khordha and Cuttack, it has not been implemented as planned. Also, the new 400 buses have failed to run on wheels within the target time.

Besides, there is no immediate word on what route the bus would take, but also no concrete decision can be seen on how to run thousands of new buses in four years and on which route.

Even in the capital, there are no buses every 5 minutes ,the ‘Mo Bus’ service in the capital is set to take two years. However, although the number of daily bus passengers has exceeded 1 lakh before the corona, it was not enough to meet the demand of the people of the capital. Except for the main road in the capital, the inner road could not be reached. Even in Laxmisagar, Jharpada, Kesura, Jagannath Nagar, Gizip Colony and other areas, there is no line auto service, while people do not get ‘My Bus’ service. Cruise authorities have not been able to do so, even though there are ample roads for mini-bus traffic in the area. Not only this area, Neeladribihar, different parts of Shailshree Bihar, different areas of Kalinganagar, Bharatpur etc. have not gone ‘my bus’. As a result, the people here don’t get my bus service. Not only that, my bus was scheduled to run on all routes every 5 to 10 minutes, but so far no one on the route has been running on that route for such a long time. This will only be possible if more buses run on more routes.

Hundreds of city buses are eating manure in some parts of the capital, including the Pokhariput depot. Of these, 100 buses were scheduled to run during the Hockey World Cup 2018. There would be 200 new buses and 100 old buses. But the plan to run the old bus at the time was not successful. Various parts of the bushes ate manure. Since then, Crut has repaired and operated 43 buses. However, the 73 buses could not be operated due to the lack of buses due to the corona. “The old bus has been repaired,” said Aruna Bothra, MD, MD. Its sticking and other work is underway. Soon there will be 43 old buses.

Although there are now 200 ‘My Buses’ running, by June next year, 173 more buses will be running in Bhubaneswar-Puri-Cuttack-Khodhardha. There will be 50 buses, 50 electric buses and 43 old city buses. The center has approved the construction of 50 electric buses. By January, 50 electric buses will arrive in Bhubaneswar, Mr Botra said.

‘Mo bus ‘was planned in view of the growing population of 2030. The meeting, chaired by then Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padi, decided on who would give the land on which route the bus would run, where the bus depot would be located. The IDCO, the Revenue Department and the district administration were asked to provide land immediately at various locations for the expanded transportation system. It was asked to provide 5 acres of land in 14 places in three districts. The General Administration Department would have provided 5 acres of land in Gadkan, Ghatikia / Kalinganagar, Patia, Patrapada and Bhagwanpur, Pantra and Phulnakhara for the bus depot. The General Administration Department was asked to provide 5 acres of land in Patia, an additional 2 acres of land in Patrapada and Bhagwanpur. However, no land has been found to date.

Similarly, Idco Infocity, Info Valley, Ramdaspur / Bhagwanpur areas would have provided 5 acres of land. It was not found either. The Khordha district administration would have given 5 acres of land in Daspur, Sijua and three other suitable places. Not found yet. It was decided that the Cuttack district administration would provide 5 acres of land in Narayanpur, Gopalpur and Jagatpur, and the Puri district administration would provide 5 acres of land near Malatipatpur and Konark. The GA, IDCO, Revenue Department would have handed over all the land to the Urban Development Department. A bus depot would have been built here. As a result, it was planned that if 1,200 buses arrived, there would be no problem in maintaining and operating it. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange