Multi-talented, tough and highly creative, Parbati Ghosh is the epitome of Odia cinema. She is the new wave in the direction industry. She apart from being a director is also an actor and producer.

Born on March 28, 1933, Parbati Ghosh made her debut as a child artist in the movie Sri Jagannath in 1950 at the age of 16. In 1953, she came to mainstream acting by playing lead role against her future husband Gour Ghosh in Amari Gaan Jhua followed by Bhiai Bhai (1956), Maa (1959). Laxmi(1962),Kaa (1965), Stree (1968) and Sansara (1971).

Laxmi, Kaa and Stree won national awards as a best regional category. Before marrying her co-actor Gour Ghosh, Parbati Ghosh was known as Chapala Nayak in Odia films.

After the release of the movie Babi and Manimala, Parbati-Gour Ghosh pair was known to be the hottest pair. After illustrating her acting skill she turned to direct films. She directed the film Sansara (1973) with her husband.

As a director, she made her debut as independent director in Chha Mana Aatha Guntha (1986).When Aparna Sen was making 36 Chowringhee Lane, Parbati Ghosh had already won three national awards in the best Oriya film category and has established a name in eastern India film scenario.

In fact long before Sai Paranjpe, Kalpana Lajml and Aparna Sen, Parbati Ghosh had started her own film concern, acted and produced her own films, establishing herself as a pioneer woman director in the country.

Her first directed movie Chha Mana Aatha Guntha was a film depicting the classic 19th century novel by Fakir Mohan Senapati which possessed the same name. The film however, faced a lot of criticism from film critics.

Her films that are basically based on the various social issues with sensitive treatment and brilliant narrative which  touched the hearts of the masses.

Moreover, her films were deeply rooted in the socio-cultural ethos of the then Oriya society.

Parbati has received numerous awards like the Lions Award (1970), Bengal Film Journalist Association Award, Orissa Cine critics Award (1987).

She made no films between 1973 and 1985.  Her last film as a producer-director is “Salabega” (1998) which she gave to the Films Division.

She had recently completed two telefilms for Delhi Doordarshan   ’Prasna’ and ‘Sopaan’.