Motherhood is a special part that’s every woman wants to experience at once in life. According to Vastu, a house not only yields good and positive results but indeed help woman to deliver a healthy baby. So here we go with some Vastu tips that every woman should observe.


  1. Avoid under stair room: According to Vastu, an expecting woman should avoid to stay under stair room. This may put negative impact on woman’s health and her baby. A stair case is dark and bleak which can lead to depression.
  2. Dark or shiny clothes should avoid: Expecting mothers must avoid wearing dark or shiny colors such as dark red, black and orange. As per vastu, the suitable colors are green, blue, yellow and white.
  3. Avoid sleeping North-Western room: To avoid any problem during pregnancy, the woman should sleep in South-Western bedroom or as a second choice in North-Eastern room.
  4. Live with fresh environment: The woman who is expecting child must stay in an environment that is lively and fresh. This leads to a fresh mood always and helps to stay fit.
  5. Place flowers in West direction: According to vastu shastra, if you are expecting of a baby girl then keep fresh flowers in the Western direction.
  6. Direction for Meditation: Always sit facing towards East direction to practice meditation. East denotes the place of sun.